Tonight, I will be seeing Bon Iver (finally!!) in Singapore, something I am tremendously excited about. It seems silly to say that Justin Vernon’s music inspires so many emotions because, well, it is kind of a given.

For me, those feelings are ones of peace and acceptance and all because it happened to be the album that I was addicted to on a trip to Taipei that I took almost 5 years ago.

Listening to Bon Iver, sitting in that gondola on my own, slowly descending over a beautifully illuminated Taipei is something that I will never forget.

<from July 29, 2011>

I spent today in Taipei on my own, and it was really great. Made me realise that I don’t spend enough time exploring Daejeon alone (we all remember what happened when I tried to do that back in September …). The highlight of my day, or rather evening, was riding the Taipei Zoo gondola.

Sitting high above Taipei, looking out at this beautiful city in front of me (with a little inspiration from Bon Iver), I suddenly felt more at peace with life, the universe and everything than I have in a really long time. It hit me that for all the good and bad decisions I have made over the years, things are working out and they are pretty great.

Okay, way more introspective than usual so I’m sorry but hey, at least it’s a post!

Seriously kids, if you’re ever in Taipei get yourself on that gondola. Breathtaking, inspiring and beautiful.

Streets of Taipei | Map Halves

Scooter madness!

2 taipeistreet

Streets of Taipei

3 taipei101

Taipei 101

4 bigpow

Taipei Street Art – BigPow!

4 terrifyingstatue

This guys still gives me nightmares….

Giant building or tiny humans?

5 chiangsekmem check name

Giant building or tiny humans?


6 mrt


taipei skyline

Taipei From Above 2011 or TFA2011



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