Instead of doing one big post about Phu Quoc, I decided that I would rather do many small posts! Partially, I think the quick posts are more readable and partially, I just know myself and that it’ll take me forever to put a long post together!

One of the best things about spending so many days on one island was being able to watch the sunset every night and from different places.

1. Maispa on Long Beach
I stayed here for a few days, so that helped me scope out a beachside table. I would definitely recommend coming before 5pm if you want a table with an unobstructed view.

4 phu quoc sunset

2. Small cafe/bar at the back of a building on Tran Dung Hao
The first hotel I stayed at was The Lighthouse, really close to the night market. Across the road, slightly to the left, you can find this cafe if you walk through a building. Yes, I realise these are terrible directions.

This area is seeing a lot of development as Phu Quoc tries to build up its appeal to tourists, but the weird thing is that along this stretch there are very, very few things that look onto the beach/sunset/ocean.


3.The Lighthouse Hotel, Duong Dong Town
The rooftop of the Lighthouse Hotel in Duong Dong Town, again close to the night market. I think you’re supposed to be a guest for access but you could probably sneak in while the desk staff are busy. I’m not sure if the hotel guests know about this as I never saw anyone else up here in the three days that I stayed at this hotel.


4. Thanh Thoi pier
Thanh Thoi pier is where you will end up if you take the slow ferry from Da Chong, Vietnam. I didn’t do this, but it could be a fun (and cheap at just $9!) way to get here overland.
This was the prettiest sunset during the entire week, and I foolishly watched it from the East side of the island! Luckily, this pier is very, very long (like 2km!) so I was able to enjoy it anyways (and take this picture!).


5. Long Beach
This is back at Maispa like number one, but now in timelapse! On my last night on the island, I set up my GoPro and took this rad video. Now that I have uploaded the video to YouTube, that this is not the most revolutionary idea but it is still pretty!

Where in the world have you seen the best sunsets? Let me know in the comments!

Stunning Sunsets

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