Seonyudo South Korea

My favourite place to visit in Korea is Seonyudo Island. Seonyudo, which means, “an island so beautiful that God admires it”, certainly lives up to its name.


When you first step off the ferry, resist the urge to immediately sprint off to the beach. The first thing you should do is sort out your accommodations. From the ferry dock turn to the right and walk past the bike rental places into Seonuydo’s “downtown”. Here you will find a handful of restaurants, convenience stores and a strip of guesthouses (minbak = 민박). Expect to pay between 60,000-70,000/night during the summer. Camping is also very popular, just keep an eye on the tide marks in the sand!! The tide comes up a lot higher than I would have expected. There are nicer looking, bigger pensions on the other side of the island, but you would probably want a lift/rent a bike/scooter to get to those ones.


Speaking of, you should definitely rent a bike! With very few vehicles on the road, Seonyudo is one of few places in Korea that you can ride a bike and not feel like you are taking your life into your own hands. The main island is connected to two smaller islands by small bridges and the best way to explore all of them is by bike. One of the islands is actually quite touristy (at least relative to the rest of the island) but the other is a sleepy fishing village and really lovely. See if you can find the butterfly lane! When you bike through it, thousands of butterflies take flight and it is awesome!


When I visited in 2013, there were no ATMs on the island and none of the stores or restaurants would accept payments by card. Although this may have changed by now, I would still recommend carrying enough cash to get you through your trip! Having to ration water in 30C+ heat is not an ideal situation, trust me.

Some quick tips:
– The path up to Jangjado offers the best views of the beach.
-In July, the water is warm and perfect. Rent a colourful inner tube for 3,000W and enjoy floating around at the nicest beach in Korea.


There you have it! If you have a few days off from work in Korea and don’t want the hassle of leaving the peninsula during peak times, grab some friends and head to scenic Seonyudo island. You can look forward to a pristine beach, cycling through the fishing village and eating some amazing seafood.


Where is your favourite beach in Korea? What do you think is the best beach in the world? Let me know in the comments!

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